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The Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company The Fine Bedding Company boasts more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing high quality bed linen, duvets, and pillows. The family run business continues to invest heavily in the development of their product range, with innovations like Smartfil duvets and pillows helping them make and maintain a name for themselves within what is a highly competitive industry.

Whatever your preferences, regarding material and filling, and whether you are looking for a duvet for yourself or for the kids, there are Fine Bedding Company products to match those requirements. You will also find mattress toppers and protectors to further enhance your sleep quality.

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Fine Bedding Co Spundown  
Fantastic Duvet on 1/2/18 By :
This duvet is wonderful. It is light and extremely comfortable. It fits in a normal washing machine.
Fine Bedding Co Spundown  
All seasons spun down duvet on 1/2/18 By :
Really great light duvet. All seasons a good idea to have 2 different togs you can use separately or attach together when its cold. Easy to wash duvets fit into a standard size domestic washing machine dries quickly. Would highly recommend
Fine Bedding Co Spundown  
Superb on 1/2/18 By :
We use the 10.5 tog weight throughout the year and are completely happy with the weight comfort and quality of the duvet. Great value for money too
Fine Bedding Co Deep Fill Cotton Protectors  
Mattress protector on 1/2/18 By :
Lovely luxury feel to this product-fits a deep mattress perfectly has washed well. We feel as though we are staying in a posh hotel using these products-the quality shines through