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Martex is one of the oldest and most trusted names in core bed and bath linens. Their superior products are designed with breathability and durability in mind so your family can stay comfortable and cosy for many years to come.

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About Martex Bedding

Martex EcoPure Pillows Martex EcoPure is a soft and lofty polyester firefill made from recycled bottles. Martex EcoPure is designed to reduce the burden on the Earth's landfills and natural resources by reusing, renewing and recycling.

With the same benefits of virgin polyester, Martex EcoPure is great for the environment whilst providing comfort and support.

How It's Made - Martex EcoPure Eco-Friendly Fibre starts with recycled plastic bottles. These bottles are carefully combined under high temperatures to recreate the polyster polymber that is then extruded into Martex EcoPure Fibre. This hypo-allergenci fibre provides excellent support and softness in our filled range. its superior thermal properties when used in our duvets and pillows provides great warmth in cold conditions.