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About Bedding Sale

Bedding Sale

Your bedding helps ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Choose duvets and pillows that are the right size and weight for the time of year, and according to personal preferences. You should also select sheets that are not only comfortable but will withstand regular washing and regular use.

Consider the material that is used in their manufacture, the thread count of cotton and other materials, and always ensure that you buy a bedding set that is the right size for your bed. Bedding sets may also include items like decorative cushions and throws, and you will have a choice of pillow cover types. There is also a wide range of styles, designs, and colours, that enable you to personalise the look of your room, choosing sets that match the décor or your own character.

At Just Linen, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep, and we provide a wide range of bedding items and bedding sets. While we always ensure that our products are competitively priced, you will find reduced and discounted items appear on our bedding sale page. These are the same high quality as the sets on all of our pages, but offer considerable savings. If you're working on a tight budget but still know that you want high quality and attractive bedding then our bedding sale will help you get the items and look that you want.

Buy now, on our secure website, and enjoy free UK delivery to your home, or you can call us with any questions. Alternatively, visit Dawson's Department Store where we have homeware, kitchenware, and gardenware items, as well as our full collection of bed linen.

Bedding Set Items

Different bedding sets include different items but should all include at least a duvet cover and pillow case. Single sets usually have a single duvet cover and a single pillow case, while sets for double beds and larger will include two pillows or more. If you want additional decoration for your bed, then look for those sets that include decorative cushions, throws, or valance sheets for skirting the base of your bed.

When buying a set, consider the following items:

Pillow Cases

The pillow case is an often overlooked but incredibly important component in a bedding set, and we have a great collection in our bedding sale. Pillow cases are important because you will rest your head on this all night. Anything too itchy, or pillow cases that might affect allergies, can prevent you from getting to sleep and may leave you with a restless night. Cotton tends to be the preferred material, because it is natural and soft, but there are many different types and grades of cotton to choose from.

There are two basic types of pillow case - the Housewife pillowcase is an envelope of material that sits snugly around the pillow. It can come in many designs, but does not have any additional material. The Oxford pillowcase is not seen as often as the Housewife, but it adds a fabric border stitched around the edge of the case. Both of these have a standard size of 50cm x 75cm to match the standard size of a pillow. Square pillow cases are also available, but are typically sold separately or as an additional choice in bedding sets.


The sheet is another important element in a bedding set. Your body will rest on the sheet all night long, as long as it remains in place. When it comes to placing the sheet, you have the option of a fitted sheet or a flat sheet. The flat sheet is basically just a large piece of material. You need to create corners and tuck them under the mattress, whereas a fitted sheet has elasticated corners. Fitted sheets are preferred by most people because they are easier to dress the bed and they remain in place without moving, but if you are a master of hospital bed corners, then the flat sheet is easier to care for. It can be difficult to iron and even fold fitted sheets because of the corners.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers envelop the duvet and these sit on top of you at night. Choose a soft fabric that will not irritate you through the night, and because the duvet cover will be on display in most cases, choose a design that matches your décor or opt for a natural and neutral colour. Always ensure that you buy the right size of duvet for your duvet, and that this matches the size of your bed. A cover that is too small means that you will have a crumpled duvet, while one that is too large means that you will have overhanging fabric with no duvet in the corners.

Cushions, Throws, And Other Items

While some people prefer a minimalist approach to their bedding, others like to add cushions, throws, and other items when dressing the bed. Throws give an additional layer of heat and protection during the night, and they can also be used to enhance the look of your finished bed. Some sets do include decorative throws, but most do not, so you may need to buy one separately. Cushions are another addition that are both functional and decorative. They can be placed behind your back when you are sat up, reading, and scatter cushions give a bed a look of real opulence and luxury.


Whatever item of bedding you are choosing, the right material will go a long way to ensuring that you enjoy total comfort and relaxation during the night.

o Manmade - Manmade fibres can be cheaper than their natural alternatives, and may offer some other benefits. Acrylic and polyester are the most common choices, but polyester is usually combined with cotton to give the best of synthetic and natural worlds. While polyester sheets, and cotton sheets that are combined with polyester, can be warmer than pure cotton sheets, they are easier to care for and easier to iron.

o Cotton - Cotton is a natural fibre that is especially popular because of how soft it is. It is usually combed before being used to make sheets, and this removes excess fibres from the material to give a smooth and bump free finish. Sateen and percale finishes are available.

o Linen - Linen is a very breathable fabric. This means that it will keep you cool during the summer months and will warm you up in winter. It is environmentally friendly and has a very smooth finish. The trade off for this smooth finish is that the material can become creased more easily than other natural fibres.

o Silk - Silk is an opulent and incredibly luxurious material. It is known for being ultra smooth and is a very cool alternative, because it is extremely breathable. Silk looks great and feels great, but it tends to cost more than other materials.

Thread Count

You will see thread count given on most bedding sets and most items in our bedding sale. It is a measure of the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a single square inch of material. Counts can range from 180 to 1,000, but the biggest number does not always represent the best quality or the most comfortable finish. Take all factors, including material and the type of finish that is used, into account before making a final decision on the bedding items you choose.

Discount Bedding From Just Linen

At Just Linen we want to ensure that you enjoy a great night's sleep while also benefiting from attractive bedding items. Our bedding sale offers discount bedding, that is high quality, at affordable rates. Buy now to enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50 and, if you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call and speak to one of the team, or call in to Dawson's Department Store to see everything we have to offer.