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Dorma Bedding Browse our range of Dorma bedlinen and Dorma bedding. We are one of the largest stockist of Dorma brand bedding in the U.K and able to offer fantastic prices on a large range of bedding, towels and plain dyes.

Whether you want opulent or classic, and whether you are shopping for high quality towels or full bedding sets,

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Dorma is a name that has become recognised for its high quality, hard wearing, and attractive homeware designs. The bedroom is supposed to be a place to retreat to, offering solitude and relaxation. It should encourage, rather than prevent, a good night's sleep, but it should also encourage you to wake up and get up and moving in a morning. This is a difficult combination to achieve, but it can be helped through attractive bedding sets. Floral patterns, which are traditional in bedrooms because of their natural appearance and attraction, can give a traditional look to any bedroom. They can be combined with matching or plain sheets, and by ensuring that you buy good quality bedding, it means that you won't have to replace your duvet cover and sheets every few months. As well as sheets, duvet covers, and pillows, you can also consider additional items and accessories. For example, cushions make a bed look more appealing and are especially useful for those that like to sit up in bed and watch TV or read a book. A throw can be used to give you additional warmth during cold nights, and they also enhance the attractive design of the bed and its bedding. You should make sure that your bedding sets and accessories are easy to maintain. If you can't machine wash the covers, they are likely to be impractical and many people will regret the choice - fortunately, the majority of modern bedding sets are machine washable, can be tumble dried and ironed, and they have been designed to last for many years. The Dorma Bedding brand has become known for these qualities - they produce high quality and good looking bedding that is ideal for use in virtually any room and come in many styles. They don't cost a fortune, and they represent excellent value for money because of how long they last and how easy they are to maintain, and at Just Linen we love this combination of good looks, durability, and convenience. Buy Dorma Bedding directly from our site, and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over �50, or you can call in and see everything we have to offer at Dawson's Department Store. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you might have, too, so feel free to call with any enquiries or concerns.

Dorma Bedding

Buying the right bedding means choosing the right combination of comfort and attractive design. Obviously, we all have different tastes, and these are met by Dorma bedding because there is such a huge range to choose from. As well as attractive bedding sets, that include everything from duvet cover to pillow case and sheet, you can also choose from the plain sheets collection, which is a great way to enhance a bedding design without having to spend a fortunate and without your bed having to look too busy with design. Choose complementary colours, or opt for neutral sheets. Neutral coloured sheets offer the benefit that they can still be used even if you change to a different duvet cover design, or if you rotate two or three bedding sets on your bed. When buying Dorma bedding sets, choose the size of sheet that you want and then decide the size of duvet cover and the number and style of pillow cases that you want. In most cases, single sets include a single pillow while double and larger sets include two pillow cases. Check our clearance and end of line sales, too, because you might be able to find additional pillow cases and other items to further enhance your set. Some of the Dorma bedding sets also offer items like cushions and cushion covers. You don't have to incorporate these, but cushions really do make a bed seem more inviting. They are also incredibly useful if you like to sit up and watch TV or read a book at night. They offer greater support than trying to fold a single pillow behind you, and they offer more padding and cushioning than the head rest alone provides.

Dorma Plain Sheets

Sheets are vital to a good night's sleep, and also to the design of your bedroom. Consider that all of your weight will be pressed down on the bed at night, it is easy to see why a good mattress is important, but the sheet sits between you and the mattress. It effectively acts as a barrier. An uncomfortable sheet can ruin the comfort of even the most expensive mattress, while a good quality sheet can further improve the comfortable area that you create. Consider the material of the sheet that you buy. Materials can include pure cotton or a polycarbonate and cotton sateen mix. In all cases, these can be machine washed and tumble dried and, if needs be, you can warm iron them to remove any stubborn creases that might be left over after you've washed and dried them. Look at the thread count of sheets, too. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the bedding, and high thread counts are generally considered to be anything above 200. Although it is possible to buy bedding with a thread count of more than 1,000, most people agree that it is difficult to recognise any discernable difference once you reach this level.


Dorma also sells some of its accessories individually. For example, you can buy cushions and throws in a host of colours and designs. These are great to further improve the look and even the comfort level of the bed. Throws act as an additional barrier against the cold at night, but they also provide the flexibility of being able to add or remove them whenever you want over the course of the night. If you wake up and find that you are too warm, you can throw the throw off. You can also create your own design, by incorporating plan bedding and beautifully designed throws, or by adding complementary colours in your cushion pile.

Clearance Sale

Dorma bedding is high quality, attractive, and easy to maintain. It makes a great addition to any bedroom, whether you want something for the master or the guest bedroom. It is also ideal as a gift and, despite its benefits, Dorma is certainly not unreasonably priced. You can buy inexpensive but long lasting bedding. If you take advantage of the Just Linen Dorma bedding clearance sale, you can access even greater prices on some of the best bedding sets around. Check out the clearance sale and don't forget that we include free delivery on all orders over �50, including items from the sale section.

End Of Lines

Like many bedding and interior design companies, Dorma updates its designs on a regular basis. The new season typically brings with a new range of bedding items, styles, colours, and designs. This means that there are new items added over the course of the year and, at Just Linen, we try to stay on top of these new designs by adding updated and fresh items regularly. This means that some items, including those in very popular design ranges, sometimes reach the end of their life. They are still in perfect condition, because they have never been used, and they still offer great design, but they have been replaced by this year's model. Take a look at our end of line sale, where you will find beautiful Dorma bedding at reduced prices.

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At Just Linen, we love the flexibility and high quality of Dorma bedding, as well as the availability of striking designs and functional accessories. Browse the site, enjoy free UK delivery on all orders