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Catherine Lansfield Bedlinen Catherine Lansfield, renowned for style and quality is the label of choice for those who love and value great home fashion

At Catherine Lansfield our inspiration comes from many places to bring exciting new stories into the home mixing on-trend pattern and colour with beautiful texture and touches of comfort.

Catherine Lansfield products are designed and developed in Great Britain and ethically sourced overseas under strict quality control

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Catherine Lansfield Range
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More about Catherine Lansfield Bedding

Catherine Lansfield is a brand owned and supplied by Turner Bianca, an Oldham based manufacturer with more than 60 years' experience in producing great quality home textiles. Whether you are looking for towels or bedding, and whether you are shopping for the main bedroom or the spare room, there are Catherine Lansfield bedding sets to match your requirements.

Designs vary from chic, traditional designs to ultra-modern and stark, bold colours. But, it isn't just the attractive designs that Catherine Lansfield bedding is known for. The company puts a lot of effort into sourcing the most comfortable and hardwearing materials, so you can be assured that you are getting the best quality bedding sets whenever you place an order.

At Just Linen, we love the luxurious feel of Catherine Lansfield, and most of our customer reviews for these products mention the same high level of comfort and luxury. Just Linen is the official website of Dawson's Department Store, supplying bedding and bedding sets from some of the best-known names in linen production.

As well as Catherine Lansfield, you will find duvet covers and pillow cases from manufacturers including Broomhill, Christy, and Dorma, as well as many others. Spend £50 on your order today, and we will deliver it free of charge to your UK address, and if you have any questions about the products we sell, you can call and speak to one of the team, or call in to Dawson's where you can see our full collection of homeware and gardenware products.


Getting the right bedding means finding items that not only look great but that help offer a sound night's sleep. Duvet covers and pillow cases need to be soft and comfortable. They should also be breathable, and if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, choosing a hypoallergenic material will help ensure that you can enjoy a restful night's sleep.

To get the best bedding for you, choose items that are made from suitable materials. Cotton offers a great combination of affordability, natural softness, and a host of benefits to promote sound sleep. Brushed cotton is even more luxurious, and because the fibres have been brushed before you receive the bedding, it means that the sheets and linen are more likely to last for a longer period of time before they need replacing.

Check what items are included in the bedding sets that you consider buying. Most include duvet cover and pillow cases and some might include sheets. It is also possible to buy additional cushions and throws to help further enhance the set you buy, and these can really help finish off a great looking bed.

Throws And Cushions

A good looking bedding set can totally transform a room. Not only can it enhance the interior décor of that room, but it can stamp your character on an otherwise neutral room. Adding cushions and throws makes your bed look even more inviting, while both can serve functional purposes. A throw adds warmth on cold nights while cushions are comfortable, especially if you regularly sit up reading or watching TV.

Some Catherine Lansfield bedding sets can be customised to include cushions and throws, ensuring that you get a design that perfectly complements the bedding set itself. Alternatively, we have a collection of accessories that you can pick from in order to customise your bedding sets and create your perfect haven.

Choose from colour palettes like the luxurious black bedding with diamante bands, the striking Nordic trees range, or the classic vintage postcard design. If you're looking for a luxurious finish from your bedding, then the brushed cotton duvet covers provide exactly that. The brushing process creates a soft pile on the cover, which not only makes the duvet feel soft but also enables it to trap and retain heat more effectively. This makes it a great choice for those that really like to snuggle up to their duvet at night.


Catherine Lansfield towels are made from pure cotton. This means that they are breathable and extremely soft and comfortable. They are also low maintenance, which means that they can be put in the wash with the rest of the washing load, and cotton can be dyed to any colour and to incorporate any design, motif, or other finish.

As a natural material, the cotton itself is completely free of chemicals, so is more hypoallergenic than most other materials, and despite all of these benefits it remains one of the most affordable materials for the production of towels, bedding, and other items. Catherine Lansfield towels are made from 100% cotton, are beach towel in their size and dimensions, and they come in a great selection of designs that make them suitable for use in any circumstance, not just on the beach or at the pool.

Xmas Bedding

Most Catherine Lansfield bedding is suitable for use all year round, thanks to the use of natural fibres and high quality materials, but Turner Bianca has also produced a range of bedding with christmas designs. Some of the bedding incorporates fun designs, while others offer a more traditional festive finish. Christmas bedding items include cushions and throws, as well as duvet covers and pillows, and not only should you base your decision of which items to buy on the design, but also on the quality of the materials and the features that they offer.

Kids Bed Linen

In a lot of ways, it is even more important for children to get a good night's sleep. Any parent will tell you that it is very easy to tell when their child has had a restless night. They wake up cranky and irritable, and studies show that children with poor sleep patterns tend to be those that struggle most at school.

As such, it is important that you buy good quality kids' bed linen. The comfort of these items will ensure that your child has a good night's rest, ready for the day ahead of them. Choose from a variety of themes, and select items that range from curtain sets to full bedding sets that are designed specifically for use on children's beds.


Catherine Lansfield bedding is high quality, great looking bedding. You can choose from individual items or full bedding sets, and you can buy bedding for adults or for children. Turner Bianca continues to do a great job of introducing new lines, and in doing so, this means that there are a number of ranges that are retired each year.

Our Catherine Lansfield clearance sale page includes these items, as well as other clearance items at great prices. Enjoy even more competitive prices when you buy from the clearance sale, and you can still enjoy our offer of free delivery on all orders of over £50.

Buy Catherine Lansfield Bedding From Just Linen

Just Linen is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We have a large selection of bedding, towels, and other linen for the home. As well as Catherine Lansfield, we stock items from some of the biggest and most highly respected names in manufacturing homeware. Buy competitively priced items from Broomhill, Christy, and many others.

You can call in to Dawson's, where you will also be able to view our entire collection of homeware and gardenware items, or you can buy directly from the website and enjoy free delivery on all orders of £50 or more. Alternatively, if you have questions about the products we sell, you can call us and speak to one of the team, who will be happy to answer your questions and queries.

Catherine Lansfield Satin Stripe 300 T/C Cream  
Luxury on 30/3/18 By :
Soft comfy cosy and great value for money. Well made and a pleasure to sleep in.
Catherine Lansfield Stockholm Brushed Cotton  
must have on 30/3/18 By :
Lovely bedding set. cant believe the excellent quality at such a bargain price. This company are simply the best First class service too.thank you.
Catherine Lansfield Brushed Tartan Check Red  
So cosy on 30/3/18 By :
Much softer and warmer than I expected. Great for curling up on winter nights. High quality would definitely recommend this
Catherine Lansfield Satin Stripe 300 T/C Cream  
Satin Stripe 300 Thread Count on 30/3/18 By :
I have purchased two double sized sets and one kingsize set in the cream and grey. Absolutely recommend these to anyone considering purchasing bedding Excellent quality luxurious and such value for money Very elegant indeed. I plan on buying a spare set for each bedroom in the exact same. 300 thread count for this price is amazing value. Thank you Dawsons
Catherine Lansfield Penguin Colony  
Lovely duvet on 30/3/18 By :
Very efficient service ordered as a last minute Xmas gift and delivered in under 2 days Lovely bedding set
Catherine Lansfield Satin Stripe 300 T/C Cream  
Super on 30/3/18 By :
Delighted with this duvet set which looks far more expensive than it was. The fabric is top quality and both the duvet cover and pillow cases are reversible many satin-stripe sets are plain on the reverse. Best of all the cover fastens with buttons instead of poppers which get distorted in the wash
Catherine Lansfield Stockholm Brushed Cotton  
te bargain on 30/3/18 By :
Just received this set and cant believe the quality. For the price it is a real bargain. Highly recommended