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Orla Kiely Bedding Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer who started her career designing hats and handbags and has diversified and expanded into the design of a host of other items, now including homeware and bedding sets. She has even designed cars, and her designs are highly sought after. As well as designing personal fashion items and cars, Orla Kiely has also turned her attention to creating a high quality and attractive collection of homeware items that includes bedding, towels, and curtains.

All of her designs incorporate striking colours and can create a stunning room décor, and because of the selection of items that are available, it means that you can deck almost your entire home out using Orla Kiely bedding and other items. You might recognise some of the designs that Kiely uses, because her designs were used to create a unique range of Citroen DS3 cars, and they have been driving on our roads ever since.

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The bold Climbing Rose bedding by the Orla Kiely Studio is a large-scale, floral print in a fresh palette of pistachio green, bubblegum, chalky green and pale rose. This reversible bedding has a bold...[more]
Orla Kiely Striped Petal
This fresh and colourful Striped Petal bedding by Orla Kiely will bring a touch of retro chic to your bedroom, perfect for embracing the sixties and seventies inspired look.

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Orla Kiely Placement Flower Tile
The bold Orla Kiely Flower Tile design takes centre stage on this bedding, in playful tones of corn yellow, persimmon, pale rose and forest green. This colourful, reversible bedding is perfect for cr...[more]
About Orla Kiely Bedding

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About Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is the daughter of an accountant and was born in Ireland. She studied textile design at the National College of Art and Design before becoming a wallpaper and fabric designer in New York. Following a successful stint in the States, Kiely moved to England and worked for Esprit while studying for her Master's Degree at the Royal College of Art in London. Her primary area of study was in knitwear, and she displayed a range of hats for her exit show at the College.

After getting her Master's, Kiely started designing handbags. During her first fashion week, her father pointed out that everybody was carrying handbags but very few people were wearing hats. In the late 1990s, she started laminating cloth to use for the production of handbags. In 1997, she and her husband Dermott Rowan established the Orla Kiely Partnership, and the Irish designer has gone on to create a huge range of clothing and accessories, and her designs have featured on even more items. You can find everything from garden trowels to the Citroen DS3 featuring her unique prints, leading to her being described by the Guardian newspaper as "the queen of prints".


Bedding plays an important part in the home. It can be used to enhance the look and design of any bedroom, whether it is the master bedroom, guest bedroom, or child's bedroom. It should look good because this helps make the bedroom a more inviting space, encouraging sleep and allowing you to enjoy the safe haven in your home. It also needs to be functional, providing cover and support, depending on the items in question.

While it is the duvet itself that covers you at night, the importance of the duvet cover should not be overlooked. The cover is the item that actually sits between the duvet and your skin. An uncomfortable cover can be scratchy and keep you awake at night, and while this might disappear after a few washes, some duvet covers only get worse after they have been through the washing machine. Ensure that you choose a duvet cover that matches your style, but also one that is comfortable and that can be easily cared for.

Similarly, pillow cases might not provide support in the same way that the pillow itself does, but it does sit against the head, the face, neck, and shoulders while you are sleeping. A soft pillow case will allow you to enjoy a good night's sleep, free from disturbance, and because you won't be tossing and turning as the pillow case scratches your head, it means that you won't suffer from the posture problems and health complaints that come from a poor night's sleep.

A lot of the duvet covers and pillow cases made by Orla Kiely are constructed from 100% cotton. 100% cotton is made from pure natural fibres. Cotton is very soft, and it can be machine washed. It is also breathable, and it enables you to regulate temperatures throughout the night, which means that it is a beneficial material during both the summer and winter months, providing warmth or cooling as required.

Choose from prints including the Tulip Mushroom flannelette cover or the Tiny Stem beige covers. At Just Linen we have a selection of these and other designs, on products ranging from pillow cases to duvet covers, so you can find the items you want and benefit from our exceptional customer service and competitive prices.


Curtains are another important element in room design, and another item that needs to perform a viable function while also looking great. They are designed to keep out light, are typically used at night, and they should look good because they can take up a lot of the design area in a room, especially when they are drawn closed.

Curtains, like bedding, come in standard sizes. When buying any curtains, including those that incorporate stunning Orla Kiely designs, you should check that you are getting the right size and the right drop for your room. Many of the Orla Kiely curtain designs have the same prints as the bedding sets, so that you can create a great looking room in your chosen design.


At Just Linen, we also stock Orla Kiely towels, showing off the textile designer's knowledge of textiles and materials. The towels are designed to be hardwearing and durable, but they are also designed to collect water. Poor quality towels do a bad job of drying a person because they do not absorb liquid; instead, they basically just push the liquid around. The more absorbent the towels, the more liquid they can collect with ease.

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Getting the right bedding and other interior décor items is important. Your home should be attractive and inviting, while your bedroom should encourage sleep and relaxation, and one of the ways that you can achieve this is through the inclusion of good looking décor items. As well as choosing items according to how good they look, do make sure that you buy items that are hardwearing and durable, and always make sure that you buy the right size and the right set items to avoid disappointment.

Just Linen is the official bedding website of Dawson's Department Store. We have a large collection of attractive and functional items, including Orla Kiely bedding sets. Whether you are looking to furnish a spare bedroom, a main bedroom, or finish off a living room or other living area in a property, we have the items for you. Spend more than £50 and we will even include free delivery for your items, to any UK mainland address. If you have any questions about our products, you can call us, or you can call in to Dawson's Department Store and see every homeware item we have to offer.

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