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Sophie Conran
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Sophie Conran Bedding Daughter of designer Sir Terence Conran and food writer Caroline Conran, Sophie Conran has quickly become a big name in the design world herself. Today, Conran works with major brands including Portmeirion Group and she also has her own ranges of garden and outdoor items, kitchen and dining, and Sophie Conran bedding.

Choose from bedding products like the Sophie Conran Clarence and the Windsor bedding sets, that come in silver or blue, and you can buy additional accessories to further accentuate the design. Sophie Conran is known for her interior design, as well as her product design, so you can be assured of getting high quality items that look great when combined into a single design.

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Most About Sophie Conran Bedding

Of course, getting the right bedding means more than just choosing items that look good. You also need to ensure that items are comfortable and hardwearing. Poor quality items will need replacing sooner rather than later, which means that they will eventually cost you more because you will need to keep replacing them. Whether you're buying pillow cases, duvets, or even curtains, you also need to consider the materials that they are made from, the grade of materials, and of course the design.

Just Linen is the official bedding website of Dawson's Department Store. You can browse our full collection of bedding and other linen items on the website and, if you spend more than £50 we will deliver the items completely free of charge. Alternatively, you can call us with any questions you have about the products we sell, or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can view our entire collection of homeware and gardenware items.

About Sophie Conran

Sophie Conran is the daughter of renowned designer Sir Terence Conran and food writer Caroline Conran. She began her design career after buying a number of bedsits in London, recombining them and making her own stamp with her interior design skills. Initially, she sold her designs to family and friends, before they caught the attention of other buyers.

Sophie Conran is not only a designer. She has launched her own range of pies, written cook books, and even helped design innovative kitchen products that are designed to make cooking and food preparation easier. She has partnered with companies like Portmeirion, with whom she launched a selection of glasses and other glassware which won the Elle D'co Style Award for Best in Kitchens.

She has also teamed up with Drummonds of Chelsea to redesign their showrooms, has collaborated with UK wallpaper company Arthouse to create a range of wallpaper to sell in B & Q, and collaborated with Arthur Price to create high quality and functional cutlery items.


Bedding plays a vital part in a person's life. Good quality bedding helps encourage a better night's sleep. Soft and comfortable bedding prevents you from being kept awake with itchy and rough sleeping surfaces. Good looking bedding is beneficial because it helps to improve the decor of the room, but choosing the right bedding design can help encourage you to go to bed in the first place, by providing you with a beautiful and relaxing safe haven.

When buying bedding, there are a number of factors to consider. First, and arguably most important, is ensuring that you buy the right size of the required items. Bedding comes in standard sizes, which means that buying a single duvet cover will perfectly fit a single duvet, as long as both the quilt and the cover come in the standard available sizes. Sophie Conran bedding utilises UK sizes, and most sets come in a variety of sizes from single to double and king sets. Some of the bedding ranges also come in super king size, too.

The materials used are another factor to consider. Most of the Sophie Conran bedding sets that we offer are made from 100% pure cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and soft. It provides a comfortable base to sleep, and it is also hardwearing. Cotton can be machine washed, although you should always follow manufacturer instructions in order to ensure that you enjoy as long a life as possible from your bedding items. Cotton is also a flexible material. It will move with the duvet or pillow, which means that it will provide you with comfort while you sleep.

You should also look at thread counts. The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of material. Bedding with a thread count that is too low will wear quickly, which means that it will need replacing sooner than it should, and no matter how good the items look, this constant replacement will become a strain and it means that cheap bedding items can quickly prove to be a false economy, as you are paying to replace them more often. Good thread counts are considered to start at around 180 to 200, so look for this important figure when shopping for your next sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases.

Finally, design matters. You want your bedroom to look beautiful and to provide you with the haven that we all crave when it comes time to go to sleep. We all have different tastes and requirements, which is why there are so many different styles and finishes of bedding items available. Because Sophie Conran designs so many different items, it is possible to decorate a room completely using her designs.

Bedding Sets

Rather than having to buy every item of bedding separately, you can buy bedding sets. A bedding set should include everything you need to adorn your bed. This can include sheets but should certainly include a duvet cover and at least one pillow case. It is common with bedding sets, for a single set to include a single pillow case, while double sets and larger include two pillow cases.

It is also possible to buy additional pillow cases, although it is not recommended that you sleep with more than 2 pillows. If you want additional support because you sit in bed and read, you can buy extra cushions and cushion covers that match the bedding design.

Choose the bedding set that matches the size of your bedding, that has a design you're happy with, and that is made from high quality materials.

Buy Sophie Conran Bedding From Just Linen

Sophie Conran certainly has the family history as a designer and has forged her own career and developed her own reputation for designing great looking and high quality products, as well as becoming an interior designer of renown. She has followed in the footsteps of her designer father, as well as her cookery writer mother.

Just Linen is the official bedding website of Dawson's Department Store. We stock a large selection of bedding items, from duvet covers to pillow cases, as well as full bedding sets. We have the items you need to create a beautiful haven in the master bedroom, convert your guest bedroom into a beautiful place to sleep for guests, and we also stock everything you need in order to redecorate a child's bedroom. At Dawson's, you will also find our selection of other homeware items, which means you can create an interior design for any room.

Our team are always on hand to answer questions and queries you have about the products we sell. Alternatively, you can call in and see our full catalogue of items, or if you buy online and spend more than £50, we will deliver your items to your UK address free of charge.

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