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Choosing a good towel is not as simple as you might think. You need to consider material, size, pattern and weight if you want a towel that is to suit your needs. At Just Linen, we have a huge range of towels in stock, from all of the most recognisable brands on sale in the UK.

Whatever type of towel you need, we have you covered! We stock towels from the best manufacturers including Christy, Sheridan, Harlequin, towels.

Each of these manufacturers has a stunning range to choose from, and all of them are available to buy today at extremely competitive prices through Just Linen.

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Christy Towels
Christy has remained the towel brand leader in the UK for over 150 years. Using only the very finest fibres to create beautiful bath and beach towels, when you buy Christy Towels you are assured that you are buying the very best.
Sheridan Towels
Sheridan make more than fantastic bedding they also have a range of luxurious towels. Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with the soft and sumptuous Sheridan towel collection.
Vossen Towels
Deliciously fluffy soothingly stroking our skin and you can feel just how absorbent they are. In addition, these superior hand towels are available in a huge range of colours. They are also all dermatologically tested, OEKO-TEX certfied and have a lifetime colour guarantee.
Vantona Towels
A beautifully soft towel range in pastel colours from Vantona Home. Lightweight and quick drying. 100% Cotton Towels, 550GSM.
Pineapple Elephant Towels
This inspired collection of eclectic towel designs are a fusion of influences from across the world with a modern interpretation of artisan motifs and timeless textures. All ranges are made from 100% Cotton.
Peacock Blue Towels
For those who want a touch of hotel luxury in their bathrooms, these Savoy towels are the only option. Made from 800gsm combed cotton, they are plush and super-soft, ensuring your bathroom becomes the perfect retreat
Nautica Towels
The Nautica range showcases textured towels inspired by the sea. Soft, durable and absorbent, the collection is made in Turkey from 100% Cotton, 550gsm.
Lazy Linen Towels
Experience a luxury towel like no other with our Lazy Linen towels. With a hefty 600 GSM weight, it's thicker and plusher than standard towels. It's also made from the finest 95% Turkish cotton, with the remaining 5% made up of a luxury linen blend across its ruffled border.
Himeya Towels
The Himeya collection boasts beautiful plush, 100% Organic Cotton Towels in subtle neutral shades to create a serene, relaxed experience in your bathroom.
TLC Towels
Indulge yourself in our fabulous TLC towels, now available in a range of colours. Each towel is made from premium 750gsm 100% Better Cotton Initiative accredited cotton yarns, making them super soft, super absorbent, and giving them a durability that lasts.
Terence Conran Towels
Browse our range of Terance Conran Towels
The Lyndon Company Towels
Browse our range of The Lyndon Company Towels
Towel Top Picks
Vantona - Home Collection Stone

A beautifully soft towel range in pastel colours from Vantona Home.

100% Cotton Towels, 550GSM.

Lightweight and quick drying....[more]

Sheridan - Egyptian Luxury Natural

The Luxury Egyptian towel range spoils the senses, with the softness and instant absorbency of its combed ring-spun Egyptian cotton yarns. Beautifully finished with a classic border and a palette of a dozen colours, the range will complement any bathroom.

100% Egyptian Cotton Pile, Excluding trims.
Face / Hand 640gsm Bath / Sheet 660gsm/ Bath Mat 1035gsm.

Hanging loop on back of towels.

Colour: Natural

Please note: Bath Mats do NOT have anti-slip backing.

Designed in: Australia
Made in: India...[more]

Most Recent Customer Reviews
More About Towels

After relaxing in the bath or taking an invigorating shower, the last thing you want is to ruin the experience with a poor-quality towel. They can be rough, fail to dry you properly, and they will need replacing frequently so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a good towel. What's more, poor quality towels will lose their aesthetic appeal over time too.

You would be forgiven for thinking that all towels are basically the same, but you need to consider the material you buy, the weight of the towel measured in grams per square metre, and even the look and design of the towel. You also need to consider personal preferences. While a lot of people prefer soft and fluffy towels, there are many people that prefer the slightly rougher waffle towel design.

At Just Linen we have a large selection of towels, including cotton and flannel, and a wide variety of different towel weights, colours, styles, and designs. We offer free delivery on all orders over £50, so order today and you could have your new towels delivered to your UK address, for free, within a few days.

Towel Sizes

Towels come in different sizes, ranging from face flannels to bath sheets and beach towels, and there is a significant difference in size. Typically, homes have a range of sizes to meet any requirement.

The face cloth is typically used for washing, rather than drying. It measures 30cm x 30cm, although slightly different sizes may also be available.

A hand towel measures 50cm x 90cm and is normally placed by the sink and used to dry your hands after washing. A guest towel is a slightly smaller version of a hand towel, measuring 40cm x 65cm and serves the same purpose, but is more commonly used in a guest bathroom.

A bath towel is a large towel, measuring 70cm x 120cm and can be used after bathing or showering. The larger bath sheet measures 100cm x 150cm and gives substantially more coverage than a standard bath towel.

The beach towel is longer but narrower than a bath sheet, but still much larger than a bath towel. It measures 90cm x 175cm. It is common for bath towels to be made from a lighter and thinner material than bath towels. This helps encourage faster drying of the towel, which is needed if you dry off after getting out of the sea or pool.


There are many sizes of bath towel, and not all towels conform to these standards. Similarly, you will have to choose a towel made from a material that matches your personal preferences. The material that a towel is made from determines how well it keeps its colour and shape, how long it will last while still drying properly, and how strong the towel is.

Pure Cotton - pure cotton offers the perfect combination of affordability and quality. Ideal for everyday use, the pure cotton towel is strong, soft, and perfectly absorbs moisture from the body.

Egyptian Cotton - Egyptian cotton is made from higher quality and longer cotton fibres. This gives them a softer and more luxurious feel, while still retaining the strength that has made cotton such a popular choice. These towels do cost more than pure cotton towels, but you enjoy greater luxury and a softer touch.

Turkish Cotton - Turkish cotton, like Egyptian cotton, has longer fibres. Towels made from this material are plush and comfortable, while also being durable and strong.

Combed Cotton - Combed cotton uses pure cotton, but the short fibres and any impurities have been thoroughly combed or brushed out. It is softer than pure cotton and usually less expensive than Egyptian or Turkish cotton.

Zero Twist Cotton - Traditional cotton towels are made by twisting cotton fibres together. This modern technique of using cotton means that the cotton is softer and more absorbent and air can circulate more freely between the fibres. Zero twist cotton dries quickly.

Bamboo - Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular with towel buyers, because of its green credentials as well as its flexibility. Most commonly, bamboo is combined with cotton to create luxury towels. Bamboo is also used for its anti-bacterial properties.

Microfibre - Microfibre is a synthetic material. It is made from polyester and polyamide fibres. Towels made from this material are incredibly absorbent and they usually dry faster than standard cotton towels.

Terry - Terrycloth is usually made from pure cotton, but may be made from or combined with other materials. The threads are looped, which allows the resulting towel to absorb a greater volume of water.

Waffle - Waffle is another type of towel that is made from cotton or other materials, and the fibres are woven together to give an ultra durable and tough material that absorbs water and dries quickly. It is used in reusable nappies because of its combination of sensitivity and absorbency, and it is these benefits that make it useful as a material for creating bath towels and robes.


The weight of a towel affects more than how heavy it is. It is one of the most important factors when buying towels, regardless of the material it is made from. Weight is measured in grams per square metre, or gsm, and the higher the number, the more absorbent the towel will be.

Basic towels have a weight of up to between 300 and 400 gsm, while more luxurious everyday towels weigh up to 700 gsm, and more luxurious options may have a higher gsm count than this. If you look at nothing else when buying a towel, because you are unsure of the material or size that you want, then you should look at the weight of the towel and use this to base your decision on.

Towel Care

Buying good quality towels means that they should last for years, rather than months. Even with regular use, a good quality towel can be maintained and kept, but there are some general tips that you can follow to help prolong its life and ensure that you enjoy a great quality towel throughout that time.

You should wash any new towels before first use. This sets the colour, so that they will retain their original colour for longer and will be less likely to fade. It also helps to improve the absorbency of the towel.

Always follow the washing instructions on your towel. Wash at the temperature advised and avoid detergents that contain bleach because these will cause the fibres to become coarse. Conditioners can also reduce the absorbency of a towel because they coat the fibre, which prevents the fibres from absorbing water. While most people advise that you line wash your clothing, if you want soft and fluffy towels, it is better to tumble dry them than line wash them. You should also avoid ironing towels, because the heat application can damage the fibres and cause the towel to lose absorbency and strength.

Buy Towels From Just Linen

At Just Linen we have a large collection and wide variety of towels. We have sizes ranging from face flannels to beach towels and bath sheets. We also offer a great selection of colours and styles, and we ensure that our prices are competitively set. Whether you are looking for Broomhill or Christy, hand towels or bath sheets, we have the towel collection for you.

As well as competitive prices and regular discounts and sales, we also offer free delivery on all orders over £50. You can buy the towels you want and have them delivered to your UK address within a few days. Alternatively, you can call with any questions about the service and products we offer, or call in to Dawson's Department Store in Clitheroe or Skipton where you will find every homeware item, as well as gardenware, barbecues, and more.

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