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Fogarty Duvets And Pillows

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Fogarty Duvets and Pillows

Fogarty Duvets and Pillows For over 100 years, Fogarty has been known as 'Master Quilt and Pillow Makers', and one sleep with their bedding is enough to see why. Fogarty duvets, pillows and mattress toppers are among the best-made and most comfortable on the market, offering pure luxury to all who crave that perfect night's sleep.

Their products include duvets and mattress protectors and pillows, with wool, feather and down, anti-allergy and synthetic (hollow fibre) fillings. Their feather and down filling is sourced ethically and complies with EDFA guidelines while their wool filling is anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite. Fogarty pillows come in a range of filling types as do Fogarty duvets, and their duvets are available in all Togs from 3-15 for a complete year-round bedding solution.

There's also a pillow for everyone. Choose an Orthopaedic Support pillow or a Supremely Soft pillow to melt away into a deep sleep. Or, why not transform your bed with a Hush Duvet and Pillows Set. At 10.5 Tog, this Fogarty bedding set is ideal all year round.

Browse our full range of Fogarty bedding below and buy Fogarty duvets online with Just Linen. You could save up to 60% off the RRP and we have an unparalleled range of Fogarty bedding to choose from. Orders over £50 also qualify for free UK delivery.

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More About Fogarty Duvets And Pillows

Duvets and pillows promote a restful and calm night's sleep. They either keep you warm or cool you down, depending on the conditions in the bedroom, time of year, and material and quality of the bedding. They also offer a literal blanket against the outside world, many people not being able to sleep unless they have at least some cover. Good pillows provide support to the head, neck, shoulders, and back, and different people have different preferences when it comes to the pillow that they choose.

While some people prefer a soft pillow that envelops them while they sleep, others prefer a firmer pillow that offers a base of support for the upper body. Similarly, some people prefer to sleep with a single pillow while others sleep on two. It is not recommended that you use more than 2 pillows, otherwise you end up in too upright a position.

With the choice of duvet and pillow being such a personal choice, it is a good job that respected and established companies like Fogarty produce such a wide range of sleep products so that you can choose a set that affords you a great night's sleep.

At Just Linen, we believe that you should be able to choose the duvet and pillow that gives you the best sleep, without paying over the odds, and that you can choose items that will not become badly damaged or broken after just a few uses. We offer competitive prices on all the products we sell, regularly run discounts and offers to provide further savings, and if you spend more than 50, we will deliver your bedding to your UK address completely free of charge. You can also call us and speak to one of the knowledgeable team about the items that we sell or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can view all our linen, including Fogarty duvets and pillows, and other homeware items.


Getting a good night's sleep is vital. If you have a bad night's sleep, you can feel the fog in the morning. It leaves you feeling drained, can negatively impact your mood, and if you toss and turn all night, it can even lead to posture problems and other health complaints. Choosing the right mattress will help ensure that you have a decent base to sleep on, but this isn't the only factor that will ultimately determine how efficiently you sleep through the night. The duvet sits on top of the body. It keeps you warm during winter months, and the right duvet can cool you down during hotter, summer months, too. Fogarty duvets come in a host of different designs, and different models are made from different materials.

" Down And Feather - Down and feather duvets tend to be thicker and warmer. They are often preferred as a winter duvet filling because of these properties. These natural materials are incredibly strong and robust, but are still breathable which means that you can enjoy a restful night's slumber without sweating and overheating. Despite being thick, down and feather duvets are lightweight, too.

" Wool - Wool naturally thermoregulates, so a wool filled duvet keeps you warm in winter but can cool you down in summer. They have natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which makes them a great choice for those with allergies. These are lightweight duvets and are ideal for use at any time of year.

" Synthetic - Natural materials tend to offer a level of luxury that you won't find with manmade properties, but Fogarty duvets and pillows come in synthetic fibres that are less expensive than their natural counterparts and that replicate many of the same properties while being lighter and easier to care for. They are ideal for everyday use and should not become damaged even with regular use throughout the year.


The pillow is another important element of your bedding that will help determine whether you get a good night's sleep or not. The pillow goes under the head and primarily provides support for the neck but can also help keep your back, shoulders, and the rest of your body aligned. If you wake up with a sore neck on a regular basis, it is time to consider changing your pillow. The material used to manufacture a pillow not only determines its thermal properties but also how long it will last before sagging and in need of replacement.

" Down And Feather - Down and feather pillows can be considered medium firmness, or the perfect balance of soft and firm. They are firm enough to provide the level of support that you need, but soft enough to feel luxurious and comfortable whenever you rest your head. Fogarty duvets and pillows are available with either down or feather filling, or you can buy a pillow that is filled with both and offers the best of both worlds.

" Hollowfibre - Hollowfibre pillows are firmer than their natural alternatives, which means additional support for the neck and shoulders. Despite this, they still feel incredibly luxurious and comfortable. The fibre is called hollowfibre because every polyester strand has a hollow centre that allows the material to breathe properly.

" Anti-Allergy Pillows - Anti-allergy pillows are ideal for those that suffer from allergies to dust mites and pollen. The anti-microbial layer that is added to the pillows protects you and your bedding from the particles that would ordinarily set off an allergic reaction.

Wool Filled Bedding

A lot of Fogarty duvets and pillows are filled with sheep's wool. The natural material is soft and luxurious and has the capability to warm you up during winter and cool you down in the summer months.

When some people think of wool, they imagine a material that is itchy and difficult to manage, but this is far from the truth. Fogarty wool filled bedding is soft, rather than itchy, and they can be used all year round, so you don't have to invest in multiple duvets for different seasons.

Wool is a great protector with excellent thermal qualities. This means that you can enjoy warmth without having a duvet that is too large or difficult to manage. You might be surprised at just how thin the duvet is but be assured that it will protect you and keep you warm during the night.


Mattress protectors have become very popular. They can protect the mattress, which tends to cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Caring for your mattress is important, because a well-cared for mattress will last longer and it will be less prone to sagging and become damaged even with regular use. Caring for your mattress means regularly turning it, but you can offer additional protection with a mattress protector. There are those that are designed to protect against the sweat and oils that the body secretes over the space of the night, or specialist protectors that prevent liquid damage from becoming a major problem.

Fogarty duvets and pillows are high quality and luxurious bedding items. They come in a selection of both synthetic and natural fibres, as well as being available in different sizes and weights. Determine whether you need an anti-allergy pillow or duvet, the type of material you want, and the size of duvet cover you need. You should also determine whether you need a mattress protector to help protect your base.

At Just Linen we love the selection of natural fibres and the choice of hollowfibre and other synthetic materials. We also appreciate the quality of every Fogarty duvet and pillow. Browse the site and find the bedding for your needs, buy now and enjoy free delivery on all orders over 50. Alternatively, call us with any questions about the products we offer, or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can see all of our linen, including towels and bedding, as well as our full homeware and gardenware range.

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