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Surrey Down Duvets and Pillows Surrey Down is a brand of luxurious bedding and linen manufactured by Richard Behr (UK), which is itself an arm of Richard Behr. More than 100 years of experience goes into every single item that they manufacture, and you can buy duvets and pillow cases that combine feather and down to give a high quality and effective sleep experience.

The machine washable duvets and pillows come in any size and with a selection of any of three different fillings, as well as in a selection of tog ratings from 4.5 to 13.5, ensuring that everybody is able to choose the Surrey Down duvets and pillows that best match their requirements. Choose the filling you want, the size of duvet, and the number of pillows you want, and enjoy a 100% cotton cover on every item you buy.

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More On Surrey Down Bedding

The Die Zudecke range is Surrey Down's premium range of duvets and pillows. These are made at the Surrey Down factory in Germany using the highest quality fillings and fabrics. These are available in three different fillings, covering a wide range of tog values. We can also make these in emperor size (available to order on request). The Die Zudecke duvets and pillows are all machine washable at 40'C.

Hungarian Goose Down
High quality Hungarian goose down filling (90%), along with a 280TC cotton cover cambric make this an excellent value for money, high end product.

Canadian Snowgoose
The filling is Canadian Snowgoose (100%), and the cotton cover has a 310TC. This is our top of the range and most popular Die Zudecke product.

We love the luxurious feel and high quality filling that make up Surrey Down duvets and pillows, here at Just Linen, and you can browse our full collection here on this page. If you order today, and spend more than £50 on your order, we will include free delivery to your UK address, so that you can enjoy even more competitive prices.

All Surrey Down duvets and pillows are on sale, offering 50% or more off the price of these great products. Just Linen is the official bedding site of Dawson's Department Store, and as well as offering our extensive range for sale online, we also stock the items in store. Come and browse our entire collection, or call us if you have any questions about any of the items that we sell. One of the team will always be happy to answer your questions.

About Surrey Down

Surrey Down is a brand of bedding manufactured by Richard Behr, a company with more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying comfortable bed linen. Surrey Down duvets and pillows are supplied to, and used in, well known hotel chains like Marriott, Ritz Carlton, and Bvlgari, while their items are sold in some of the best known and most widely respected stores, including Dawson's Department Store.

Surrey Down uses ethically sourced materials, and they continue to invest to ensure that their manufacturing techniques are among some of the best in the world. The company's core products are duvets and pillows, which include down or feather filling, as well as those that combine the two.


Down is the collection of fibres that are close to the animals back. It is incredibly soft and light, and while you might occasionally feel the quills of a feather inside a feather pillow, there is no such thing in a down pillow. Essentially, down sits below the feathers, close to the bird's skin, which is why it needs to be so soft, and why it offers such a luxurious and comfortable and filling for duvets and pillows alike.


Feathers are also light, although not as light as down, and while they can include the quills of the feather, if you buy a good quality feather pillow or duvet, you should never feel uncomfortable. What's more, the quills and the strength of the feathers themselves, mean that feather filled duvets will retain their shape for much longer than down duvets, so you want be left with a misshapen duvet after a few months of use.

It is common to include both feather and down inside bedding items. This offers the best of both worlds. You receive the softness and can enjoy the opulence of down pillows, while enjoying the rigidity of the feathers. A pillow that includes both will not lose its shape and become flat, because the strength of the feathers will enable it to retain its shape for longer, so you can continue to enjoy the support and comfort that your favourite pillow has to offer. Combining down and feather also enables the manufacture to reduce the overall cost of the duvet, because feathers are a less expensive filling than the softer down is.


Getting the right duvet is a balancing act. You want something that will cover you, and your partner, but not everybody likes to be completely enveloped by their duvet. Fortunately, duvets come in different sizes and dimensions to match the size of the bed that they will be used on, and they also come with different tog ratings, that determine the thickness of the duvet.

The type of filling, down to the breed of goose that the feathers come from, can have a significant impact on the comfort of the duvet and pillow. Generally, feathers that come from birds that live in colder climates, will naturally offer greater heat retention than others so make better winter bedding, while the feathers of warm climate geese will better serve the summer duvet shopper.

Tog Ratings

Tog rating can seem mystifying at first glance, like an arbitrary number with little meaning. In reality, it is one of the most important duvet measurements there is. It gives a good guide to the thickness of the duvet, with a higher tog rating signifying a thicker duvet that is better for winter months.

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a unit of measurement that actually measures the thermal insulation of a duvet. Generally, you will find duvets that range in rating from 5 to 15, although some companies do offer higher and lower tog ratings than these. Anything from 5 to around 8 is considered a summer duvet, with 12 to 15 rated duvets being winter models. Duvets with a tog rating between these ranges make good duvets for year round use.


Finding a good pillow is just as important as choosing a good quality duvet. The pillow not only offers a soft base for the head, but it also provides support for the neck and shoulders which, in turn, helps to alleviate problems like bad back and poor posture. There is some debate over whether it is better to have one or two pillows, although any more than this can have a detrimental effect on the physical health of your upper body.

Surrey Downs pillows offer a choice of either down or feather filling, similarly to their duvets. These materials offer the same benefits as they do when used in duvets, so choose down for its comfort and luxurious softness, or feather for its robust shape properties. Check the ratio of feather to down when buying any of these items because this will have a big impact on how comfortable you find the pillow.

Buy Surrey Down Duvets And Pillows From Just Linen

Getting the right duvet and pillow can make a big difference to the quality of sleep you enjoy when you go to bed. Poor quality bedding will leave you feeling uncomfortable, and they could prevent you from getting decent sleep either because they are too hot, too cold, too rigid, or do not retain their shape. A pillow should provide support, while a duvet provides cover, and you will need to check factors like the shape, the tog rating, and the filling material, in order to make sure that you get the best possible night's sleep.

Just Linen is the official bed linen website of Dawson's Department Store. We stock bed linen from manufacturers like Surrey Downs, as well as Catherine Lansfield, Broomhill, and Christy. Whether you are shopping for the master bedroom, the spare bedroom, or even for the kids' bedroom, we have the duvets, pillows, cushions, throws, and even towels for you.

We offer free delivery on all orders valued over £50, and because we check to ensure that our prices remain competitive at all times, this means that you can enjoy some of the best prices on some of the best linen products. Buy today, or call one of the team with any questions you have about the products that we sell.

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