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William Morris
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William Morris Bedding

William Morris Bedding William Morris was a leading designer in the arts and craft movement. Best known for designs like the Strawberry Thief and Larkspur, his designs have stood the test of time and, as well as being able to view some of his original designs at the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow or at his final home in Hammersmith, it is fitting that the textile designer's work is still found on bedding, towels, and other fabrics today.

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Our William Morris Top Picks
William Morris - Crown Imperial Charcoal

Crown Imperial in Charcoal.

Designed in 1876, Crown Imperial is one of the most sophisticatedly formal patterns in the Morris & Co. repertoire. The intricate floral and trellis design sprawls across this sumptuous cotton-linen blend duvet cover and is set against a subtle base tone of Charcoal. Available in four sizes, the duvet cover is finished with fine piped edging and is accompanied by two styles of jacquard set cut pillowcases (square and Oxford), sold separately. Complement your scheme with the coordinating feather-filled Crown Imperial cushion, featuring an embroidered pattern with a distinctive Eastern influence. Complete ...[more]

William Morris - Brophy Embroidery

Brophy Embroidery Bedding Green.

A real compendium of works from Arts & Crafts legends, Brophy Embroidery combines patterns from Andrew Brophy (1844-1912) and May Morris (1862-1938), daughter of William. Maintaining Brophys curved trellis structure, Morris & Co. have placed Mays playful floral and leaf motif to add delicate notes of natural whimsy. A seamless meeting of design styles, the resulting bedsheet features the embroidered design made with luxurious 100% cotton percale and finished with fine cord piping. Oxford pillowcases sold separately. The Brophy Embroidery cushion features a design style that beautifully complements t...[more]

William Morris - Crown Imperial Red

Crown Imperial Bedding Red.

Designed in 1876, Crown Imperial is one of the most sophisticatedly formal patterns in the Morris & Co. repertoire. The intricate floral and trellis design is woven across this sumptuous Jacquard cotton-linen blend. Set against the soft neutral and reddish tones of Madder Red, the colour harks back to the organic plant dyers used to create warming red hues during William Morris�s time. Oxford pillowcases sold separately. For more impactful pattern, the Crown Imperial cushion offers a highly ornate counterpoint to the bedding set. Inspired by a kilim tapestry, this cotton-linen cushion blends Turkish infl...[more]

William Morris - Linen Cotton Blue

William Morris Linen Cotton Plain Dye Bedding in Blue.

This irresistible cotton-linen blend duvet set from Morris & Co. provides all the comfort you need for a restful night�s sleep. Coloured in Morris & Co.�s iconic Inky Fingers tone, this duvet set provides enormous depth of colour and impact in any bedroom. The Inky Fingers colour is inspired by observers remembering William Morris being �up to the elbow� in indigo as he was engaged in the messy business of fabric-dyeing at his factory in the 19th century. Layer your bed with the accessory cushion, finished with rustic frayed trim. Pillowcases sold separately.

Please ...[more]

William Morris - Linen Cotton Green

Linen Cotton Plain Dye Bedding Green.

This irresistible cotton-linen blend duvet set from Morris & Co. provides all the comfort you need for a restful night�s sleep. Derived from the old English dialect word for �a small, rounded hill or clump of trees�, the �Tump� colourway perfectly captures the verdant green colour of dense vegetation and natural themes so embodied by Morris & Co. Layer your bed with the accessory cushion, finished with rustic frayed trim. Pillowcases sold separately.

Please Note: Pillowcases are not included with these duvet covers

55% Linen/45% Cotton mix...[more]

William Morris - Strawberry Thief Cochineal Pink

Strawberry Thief Bedding Cochineal Pink.

A truly iconic Morris & Co. design, Strawberry Thief combines its designer�s fascination for the dramas of nature with a love of rich, complex pattern. Originally created by William Morris in 1883, the much-loved Strawberry Thief is inspired by thrushes pinching strawberries from his kitchen garden at Kelmscott House. Translated onto bedding in an uplifting colour story, where sage greens pair with crisp pinks in a fresh garden palette across this 100% cotton percale duvet. Bringing a light, rejuvenating feel to bedroom schemes, the duvet set is complemented by a delightful range of coordina...[more]

William Morris - Seasons By May

This truly stunning interpretation of an c.1895 embroidery called Spring and Summer was originally designed and most likely stitched by May Morris, daughter of William Morris. With its motif featuring a mirrored trellis of parakeets, stylised roses, tulips, leaves and turning stems, the duvet comes in four sizes (single, double, king and superking) across a striking Saffron colourway.

Printed on 100% organic cotton percale with a 220 thread count, a concealed button fastening runs along the bottom of each duvet. A fine cord piping adds a subtle detail to the duvet's edge. Piped Oxford pillowcases (74 x 48 +5cms) are available separat...[more]

William Morris - Arbutus Turquoise

William Morris Arbutus Bedding Turquoise.

Crafted with 100% cotton percale ethically sourced from the Better Cotton Initiative, this sumptuous duvet set is ornamented in the 1914 design, Arbutus. Translated onto bedding in cooling greenish blues and turquoise tones, this beautifully layered design features Oxford pillowcase(s) of the same design and edged with flat piping included in the set. Pairs of standard pillowcases are also available and feature the reverse coordinate print.

Single Duvet Includes Single Pillowcase Double, King and Superking Size Duvet Includes Pair of Pillowcases.

100% BCI Cotton Perca...[more]

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More About William Morris Bedding

Although best known as a poet during his lifetime, Morris owned and ran a textile company and has been credited with transforming the way in which textiles were designed and printed. Designs like Larkspur are intricate and based on the natural world, while the endearing and long-lasting Strawberry Thief design can be found on everything from wallpaper to cups and was inspired by birds stealing fruit from Morris' strawberry patch in his own garden.

At Just Linen, we have a collection of items including bedding sets and blankets, which are not only designed to look great by incorporating Morris designs, but they are also designed to be comfortable, hardwearing and long lasting, and by buying a full bedding set you can ensure that you get everything you need for your bed, including duvet covers and pillow cases. When buying any bedding, check the thread count and the material that the bedding is made from, and buy the set that best suits your preferences.

With Just Linen you can further enhance your bedding with the addition of a William Morris blanket, too, with the Jura design being a particular favourite. Whatever products you choose, you can be sure that you will enjoy competitive prices and fast delivery. What's more, if you spend more than £50 on your order, you also enjoy free delivery to your UK address and, if you have any questions, our team are always on hand to answer questions over the phone or you can call in to Dawson's Department Store; home of our full collection of homeware items including bedding and other linen.

About William Morris

William Morris was born to a wealthy middle-class family in Walthamstow, Essex. He studied Classics at Oxford University and it was here that he met and developed friendships with the likes of Edward Burne-Jones and Philip Webb. He joined the Birmingham Set and in 1861 established the decorative arts firm Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. Although he was best known for his poetry during his lifetime, it was his textile designs that became best known and The William Morris Society dedicates itself to his life and works.

Morris created more than 600 designs during his lifetime. He also manufactured the goods through his textile company, and insisted that the best designers were those that married both design and manufacture. Many of his designed can be seen in museums and former homes across the country, but you don't have to travel that far to experience his designs. Considered one of the leading influencers in the British textile industry, it is fitting that his designs can now be found on a host of textiles that are manufactured and supplied here in Britain.

At Just Linen, we have a selection of William Morris bedding and blankets. The designs obviously lend themselves perfectly to these items, and if you are looking for beautifully designed and well crafted bedding sets, then they are an ideal option. Alternatively, these bedding sets and blankets make an ideal gift for the Morris fan in your life, or just for somebody that loves natural looking designs. With Just Linen, you can enjoy competitively low prices so you can enjoy great looking bedding sets without having to break the bank to get them.

Thread Count

When buying any bedding set, you should look at the thread count of duvet covers and pillow cases. The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of the material. Counts can range right up to 800 or 1,000 or more, but a higher number doesn't necessarily mean you are getting the best quality bedding. There are other factors to consider, too.

Bedding sets like the Larkspur Indigo bedding set have a thread count of 180. This is a relatively light material that is best suited to use in summer, or for those that don't like heavy material touching their skin while sleeping. If you want something thicker, then the William Morris Pure Strawberry Thief bedding sets have a thread count of 300.

Bedding Material

Material is also another important aspect when deciding on the best bedding set. Cotton provides a better night's sleep than synthetic materials. It allows your skin to breathe and because it doesn't trap heat it means that you can still enjoy a great night's sleep even on the hottest nights of the year. 100% cotton does not need washing as often as other materials, either, because it doesn't retain odours. But, if you do need to wash your bedding, 100% cotton will not become easily damaged or worn even after regular washing.

All of the William Morris bedding items that we sell are made from 100% cotton, so you can enjoy great looking sets that will last longer and offer the greatest comfort and coolness levels while you are asleep.

Strawberry Thief

The Strawberry Thief design is an iconic Morris design. He is said to have been inspired while watching birds eating strawberries in his garden, out of the kitchen window. The 300 count 100% cotton bedding sets are a monochrome recreation of this design and the full set not only includes duvet cover and pillow cases, but also incorporates a decorative cushion as well as a cotton throw that complements the set perfectly.


The Larkspur design is another Morris classic, and it is a fine collection of leaves, flowers, and ferns that give this set a luxurious look. The 100% cotton further enhances the luxury, providing you with a great place to sleep every night. Choose from single, double, king, and super king sets. The traditional design is especially ideal for bedrooms with a classic decor.

Jura Blankets

William Morris Jura blankets are made from 100% wool. They are tough and rugged, and the classic Jura design is ideal for use on beds, settees, or anywhere else in the home. Choose from different colours and designs according to your preferences or to match the decor in your room. Wool blankets are dry clean only, but the wool material is extremely tough and durable so your blanket will last for years and will continue to look great throughout its life.

Buy William Morris Bedding From Just Linen

William Morris advanced the textile industry in the UK, combining stunning designs and high quality manufacture of textiles. Today, you can view his work in museums and galleries across the country, as well as in his former home. There are many people that study his work and attempt to emulate his style, but very few have come close.

At Just Linen we appreciate the classic and natural look of his designs, and have gathered a collection of William Morris bedding and blankets that are perfect for any bedroom in any property, but are especially well suited to rooms with a luxurious feel and a traditional looking decor. The bedding that we sell is made from high quality materials, and we ensure that our prices are competitive.

We also regularly have bedding on sale, providing even greater value for money to buyers. Buy directly from our site and enjoy free delivery on orders over £50, call us with any questions about the items we sell, or call in to Dawson's Department Store, where you will be able to view all of the bedding and linen that we sell.

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