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Duvets and Pillows

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All our Duvets and Pillows from top brands including Fogarty, Nimubus. Duvets and Pillows made from Hollowfibre, Wool, Feather and Down and Hungarian Goose Down.

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The down in the Nimubus Gold Collection Hungarian Goose Down duvets has been certified A1 Grade, meaning it is internationally acknowledged as one of the best quality fillings in the world. The Gold Collection offers the most exquisite quality you'll ever experience
Fine Bedding Company
The Fine Bedding Company has been proudly creating luxury beding for over 100 years and only select the finest raw materials from around the world to ensure you drift off in deep comfort night after night.
Christy luxury duvets and pillows are the perfect filled product for any of our bed linen ranges,further enhancing the look of your chosen bedding collection. Choose from luxurious goose down feather duvets or hollow fibre blends in a variety of togs to suit every season of the year.
Night Owl
Night Owl - As part of Night Owl's commitment to building a better future, they thread environmentally responsible practices into all of their manufacturing processes and our products
Norfolk Feather
Norfolk Feather - Expertly crafted in Norfolk, England this luxury range of pillow and duvets are a great way to upgrade your sleep. Go on treat yourself!
Martex - Martex is one of the oldest and most trusted names in core bed and bath linens. Their superior products are designed with breathability and durability in mind so your family can stay comfortable and cosy for many years to come.
Vantona - Indulge in the comfort you deserve with Vantona pillowcases. Made from luxuriously soft, breathable cotton, these pillowcases envelop your head in blissful comfort all night long.
Sheridan - Luxuriously soft and comfortable with a breathable cotton cover, Sheridan's clusterdown pair offers medium support. The pillows offer plush support for the head and can be machinewashed for easy care
Bedeck Of Belfast
Bedeck Of Belfast - Inspired by the opulence and exploration of the Victorian era, Bedeck of Belfast reframes history, reshaping it for the here and now, giving it a new context ' a new life
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Our Duvet and Pillow Recommendations
Martex Eco Pure - Eco Pure Microfibre Mattress Protectors

The Martex EcoPure� Soft & Sustainable Duvet is filled with soft and lofty polyester fibrefill made from recycled bottles.
Martex Martex EcoPure� is designed to reduce the burden on the Earth's landfills and natural resources by reuising, renewing and recycling.
Wit the same benefits of vigin polyester, Martex EcoPure� is great for the environment whilst providing comfort and support.

Martex EcoPure� Eco-Friendly Fibre starts with recycled plastic bottles. These bottles are carefully combined under high temperatures to recreate the polyester polymer that is then extruded into Martex EcoPure� Fibre. This hypo-allergenic fi...[more]

Martex Health and Wellness - Pure Cotton Quilted Matress Protector

Martex Health & Wellness Pure Cotton Quilted Mattress Protector

Naturally breathable with a pure cotton filling, this mattress protector from our Martex Health & Wellness range also features a quilted 100% cotton percale outer layer that provides supreme comfort and softness. Plus, it has anti-allergy properties.

This protector is treated with Micro-Fresh protection, a smart antimicrobial technology that prevents bacteria and odours and keeps your bedding fresher for longer, wash after wash.

Featuring OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, which means that it has been rigorously tested for harmful substances and...[more]

Fine Bedding Co - Comfortably Cool

The Fine Bedding Coompany Comfortably Cool Duvet and Pillow.

Duvet: Made from a blend of soft polyester microfibre and moisture-wicking modal to give you a breathable and comfortable nights sleep on warmer evenings. The duvet is non-allergic and breathable to help give you healthier and cosy nights sleep. This breathable duvet is machine washable at 60�c for ease of care.

Pillow: These silky soft comfortably cool pillow pairs are made in a sustainable eco factory using 100% renewable energy. The moisture wicking modal fibres help support temperature regulation, ensuring a comfortable night�s sleep

Duvet: Cover...[more]

Fine Bedding Co - Wool Pillow

The Fine Bedding Wool Pillow.

The wool duvet is naturally breathable and soothing, encased in a non-allergenic, 100% Cotton cover.

This Junior Pillow is perfect to give your child a restful night�s sleep, but great for adults too!
The wool pillow is soft and naturally supportive pure wool.

Filling: 100% Pure Wool.
Lining: Polypropylene.
Cover: 100% Cambric Cotton, 200 Thread Count.
Hypo allergenic.

Sheridan - Deluxe Duvet With Silk

Sheridan Deluxe Duvet With Silk.

The deluxe quilt is designed for those who want the additional luxury of silk with its exceptional light soft feel but still require a lofty fullness you'd expect from a high quality quilt.
Crafted with a non allergenic outer.

Polyester/ Silk blend waffle duvet, overlock finish.

Fill: 90% Polyester/ 10% Silk...[more]

Sheridan - Luxe Duvet

Sheridan Luxe Temperature Regulating 10.5 Tog Duvet.

Filled with premium moisure wicking fibres, the luxe duvet is breathable which helps give you a comfortable night's sleep and is suitable for all seasons. It is versatile with its lightweight design, whilst maintaining maximum loft and fulness.

Advance Fibre. Non Allergenic.

100% Polyester Fill.

Pinsonic Finish....[more]

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Duvets And Pillows

The duvet and pillow are the solid items of bedding that encourage a good night's sleep by offering comfort and support. There are a number of factors to consider in order to ensure that you get the most appropriate duvet and the right pillow for you, but doing so will help you enjoy a restful evening's slumber. Learn what a tog rating is and how it will affect your night, what the available options are for pillow filling, and determine the best duvets and pillows for your bedding, for the kids, or for the guest room, using our guide below, and then shop on JustLinen to find the duvets and pillows that you want.

We always ensure that our prices are as competitive as possible, and we regularly have sales, discounts, and offers that help to further reduce the cost of the bedding we have on our site. If you spend more than £50 on your order, you will also enjoy free delivery to your UK address, so you can have access to your new bedding items within a few days at no extra charge.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or queries, you can call and speak to one of the team or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can see our full range of bedding, including duvets and pillows, and bedding sets.


The duvet is the main item that will keep you warm during the night, but you don't want anything that is too warm because overheating is a major cause of sleepless nights. So too, of course, is being too cold, and this can be caused by a duvet that has too low a tog rating. A lot of people have summer and winter duvets, which have different tog ratings according to the time of year that they will be used. As well as tog rating, though, you will need to look at filling material and, with certain fillings, you may see a fill power rating as well as a tog rating for that duvet.


There are both natural and synthetic fibres used in the construction of duvets.

Feather and down duvets are warm and soft. They are also breathable, which means that hot air will not become trapped in the duvet, therefore increasing comfort levels. Down clusters are spherical and they trap a lot of heat while feathers are long and heavy. This means that duvets with a higher concentration of down are lighter than those primarily filled with feather.

Everything plays a part in determining which is the best duvet filling; even where the down came from. Hungarian and Swedish down, for example, comes from birds that are better equipped to deal with cold winter months, so they are typically warmer and offer a warmer duvet than other down options.

Tog Rating

Tog rating is something that you will have come across as soon as you started shopping for a new duvet. It is a measure of how warm a duvet is, or, more accurately, how effectively one can trap warm air to keep you toasty during the night. A lower tog rating does not trap warm air, which reduces insulation, while a higher tog rating means that warm air is trapped in the duvet, giving you a warm cushion against the cold night.

A tog rating of 2.5 to 7 is considered ideal for summer months, when you want something light that will cover you without stifling you. 10.5 to 13.5 is considered the ideal tog rating for a winter duvet, and these duvets are usually thicker to provide more warmth during the night. They would usually be too hot during summer months. Many people have two or more duvets so that they can swap between a lighter summer duvet and a thicker, hotter winter one.

Fill Power

While most duvets use tog rating as a measurement of how warm the duvet is, some, especially feather and down duvets, have a fill power rating instead. This is the volume occupied by the filling and tends to range between 400gsm and 700gsm. The smaller numbers are lighter and better suited to use during warm months, while winter duvets tend to have the higher fill power rating. The fill rating determines thermal efficiency of the duvet, in the same way that tog rating does.


The pillow is another important element of the bed, and it can make the difference between a comfortable night and tossing and turning without any sleep. Everybody's pillow tastes are different, and while you might prefer a sturdy and large pillow, your partner might prefer something that is so thin it is barely there.

The key to ensuring comfort is to choose a pillow that offers the right balance between support and comfort but remember that bigger pillows will tend to be warmer, because they will envelop your head. Size, therefore, not only affects support but also warmth levels.

The choice of pillow can be very personal, and it can be difficult to find one that exactly replicates the feeling of an existing pillow, primarily because there is no measurement like there is with a duvet, that determines its warmth or comfort rating. Consider, instead, the type, size, and filling used in the construction of the pillow.


When it comes to pillow types, there aren't that many different variants to choose from. There are standard rectangular pillows, as well as more modern square pillows.

Square pillows are also referred to as continental pillows and are especially suited to those that enjoy sitting up in bed, whether to read or simply because it is there preferred position.

King size pillows are extra wide, when compared to standard pillows, so that they fit better on king size beds, which have wider dimensions than a standard double bed.


You have a choice of synthetic or natural filling when shopping for pillows.

Synthetic materials are great if you are allergic to feathers or down, and they tend to be less expensive than pillows that are stuffed with natural materials.

Lightweight fibres can give a similar feel to down pillows.

Latex foam is one of the more modern materials and pillows made from latex will naturally return to their original shape once you move your head and pressure is lifted from the cushioned pillow. Latex does not collect dust, either, which makes these a great choice for those with dust allergies or that suffer from asthma and respiratory problems.

Memory foam pillows offer the same benefit, that they will return to their original shape soon after you move from the pillow, and this material offers excellent support because the pillow effectively moulds around the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders. It is the same kind of material as is found on memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers.

Natural fillings come down to a choice of feather or down, once again. They both fit snugly around your head and shoulders, providing support and stability, and the more feather there is in a pillow, the firmer it will be.

Buy Duvets And Pillows From JustLinen

The bedroom, and especially the bed, is supposed to be a safe haven; somewhere we need to be as comfortable as possible to encourage a good night's sleep and to ensure that our body has the support that it needs. Uncomfortable and poor sleeping positions can lead to numerous physical problems, ranging from a simple bad back to more serious, ongoing problems. What's more, the right pillow can help to alleviate pain and stiffness caused by existing medical conditions.

If you are asthmatic or suffer from allergies, then the choice of pillow and duvet can also have a big impact on how well you breathe during the night. If you are struggling to breathe properly, then you will not enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep, and you will be more inclined to snore and keep others awake too.

At JustLinen we stock a large selection of duvets and pillows. We have many designs and various styles, from a great range of manufacturers and designers. Choose synthetic or natural fillings, opt for the tog rating and fill power that best suits your personal tastes, and choose a design that complements your bedroom design. Whether you need bedding for the master bedroom, or something to put away for use when you have guests, we have the bedding for you. We even offer free delivery on any order valued over £50.

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