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Plain Dye Bedding

Plain Dye Bedding and Sheets

Plain dye bedding is simple but elegant, and when combined with your interior décor, it can have a striking and stunning visual effect. It might be called plain but it doesn't have to be boring, with a wide variety of colours including pastel as well as bolder, more striking colours. You can choose the style of bedding you want according to the décor of the bedroom, simply by which colour of bedding you like, or so that you can have a different colour for every season if you really want.

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Plain Dye Bedding

There are plain dye bedding items available from most major manufacturers, and you can buy individual items of bedding such as quilt covers or pillowcases, or you can buy entire sets that incorporate everything you need to dress your bed. Whether you want a set for the master bedroom, which will get a lot of regular use, or something for the spare bedroom, which will enjoy much less frequent use, you can find good quality, attractive plain dye bedding that suits your design requirements and your budget.

At JustLinen we stock plain bedding of all types and sizes, so you can buy everything you need from pillowcases to duvet covers, and we stock linen from some of the best known names in the industry. Choose from a variety of materials and items and get the best looking bedding sets for your home.

Call us if you have any questions about the bedding that we sell or call in to Dawson's Department Store to see our full collection and to speak to one of our friendly team. Alternatively, place your order now and, if you spend more than £50, we will deliver to your UK address completely free of charge.


One of the first decisions you will need to make when buying bedding is the material that you opt for. There are a lot of options, and which material you choose will have a huge impact on the quality, longevity, and even the look and style of your bedding.

Inexpensive materials may reduce your bedding budget spend, but they can be scratchy and uncomfortable, and they may also become damaged more easily creating a false economy; you will have to replace them more often, spending more money than you would have if you had bought better quality bedding. Luxurious materials like silk do cost more, but they are tough and resilient, naturally hypo-allergenic, and they will last for several years to come so you won't have to replace bedding sets as often.


When buying bed sheets you will be presented with a thread count. Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical fibres that are woven to create the bedding and, generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious and softer the material, although you do need to consider the quality of material and the construction quality.

Good quality sheets have a thread count between 200 and 800. You will see some sheets with a thread count of 1,000 or higher. A lot of people question the need for this high a thread count, so it is down to personal preference whether you go this high. The quality of finish will also have an impact on the quality of the sheet, so a well finished sheet with a thread count of 200 can still be a very high quality and extremely comfortable sheet, while a poorly finished 600 thread count can still be itchy and uncomfortable. Thread count is important, but it isn't the be-all and end-all when choosing quality sheets.

Quilt Covers

The primary area of concern when buying a duvet is the tog count. This determines how thick and warm the duvet is, but you do need to consider the quilt cover as well. Choose from natural fibres like flax and even hemp, cotton, and Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the benchmark for luxury bedding, against which all other materials are measured. It has extremely long fibres and is brushed so that it is very soft. Like all cotton it is breathable and is brushed first to remove any linting or shedding that might otherwise occur.

The primary concern when choosing plain dye duvet covers is to ensure that they are the right size for your duvet. You won't be able to stuff a king size duvet into a double cover, and you will be left with overhanging cover if you try adding a duvet that is smaller than the size of the cover. Also choose the colour that you want, and material, to find the best option for your bedroom.


You spend several hours a night, every night, laid on top of the bed sheet. As such, it needs to offer comfort and a degree of luxury to help ensure that you can get to sleep and enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep. Poor quality sheets can crease easily and can be scratchy, which will make it very difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep at night.

Flat - the flat sheet is a rectangular piece of material. Buying a flat sheet means that you will have to master the hospital corner, but flat sheets are easier to iron and they are easier to fold and put away neatly after washing too. While fitted sheets might ping off if they aren't the perfect size for the mattress, this won't happen with flat sheets, so you may have to opt for flat if your bed is not a standard size. The flat sheet was traditionally placed on top of a comforter, although one can also be used in place of a fitted sheet.

Fitted - Fitted sheets are generally considered to be more convenient. They have elasticated corners and are designed to fit perfectly over the mattress. However, they are more challenging to iron and more difficult to fold, although there are techniques that you can master to make both of these tasks easier.


A valance is a skirt that fits between the mattress and the divan of the bed. The frilly skirt is used to cover up the bed base, typically a divan which may or may not incorporate drawers, and you can choose from platform, fitted, and easy-fit valance sheets. It is common to buy a valance that matches the bedding as well as the interior design and décor of the bedroom itself and you can find some bedding sets that also incorporate a valance sheet, as well as all other items of bedding.


Buying every item of bedding individually is inconvenient and can end up costing a lot of money. Sets, on the other hand, are convenient and affordable.

Buying a bedding set ensures that you have every item that you need, and with plain dye bedding sets, you can enjoy a great looking, classic design of bedding for your home. Designers and manufacturers offer sets that include sheets, either flat or fitted, as well as quilt covers and pillowcases. Some sets, although certainly not all, include a valance to offer an even better design for your bed. Bedding sets are great for your main bedrooms, and they are also a convenient solution for dressing a spare bed, either for occasional use or when you have guests coming to stay.

Plain dye bedding is very flexible. Being dyed with a single colour means that you can match that one colour to an element of décor in your room. Patterned bedding can be difficult to match, in contrast, but just because plain dye bedding is convenient does not mean that it is boring. There is a great selection of colours available for you to choose from.

Buy Plain Dye Bedding From JustLinen

JustLinen has a large collection of bedding items, including plain dye bedding, available as individual items or as complete bedding sets. Choose the size of bedding, the items that you want, and the colour that best matches your décor and design.

We ensure our prices are competitive, and we regularly offer discounts and savings against RRP. Browse the site and buy now to enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £50. Alternatively, give us a call or call in to Dawson's Department store where you will be able to view our entire catalogue of plain dye bedding.

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