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Scion Bedding

Scion Bedding Created with a trend-savvy, fashion aware customer in mind, Scion's exciting fabrics are cutting edge and forwarding thinking. Designed to have enduring appeal and intristic individuality this new British brand has teamed up with the UK's leading linens specialist, Bedeck, to produce an eclectic range of fun and funky bedlinen and accessories.

Adapted from the most eye-catching designs from the Melinki collection, the fresh and invigorating bedlinen comes in a range of sizes of duvet cover with co-ordinating pillowcases, all printed on 100% cotton. They are accessorised by a selection of complementary embroidered and knitted cushions, throws and ready-made curtains.

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Snowdrop Sage
Scion Snowdrop Sage
From : £56.25 - £71.25
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Rumble In The Jungle Denim
Scion Rumble In The Jungle Denim
From : £30 - £82.5
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Mr Fox Teal
Scion Mr Fox Teal
From : £9 - £90
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River Wander Twilight
Scion River Wander Twilight
From : £32 - £76
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Mr Fox Birthday
Scion Mr Fox Birthday
From : £32 - £76
Quick View quick view
Flower of Love Midnight
Scion Flower of Love Midnight
From : £32 - £76
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Doggy Day Care Mustard
Scion Doggy Day Care Mustard
From : £32 - £76
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Mr Fox Silver
Scion Mr Fox Silver
From : £9.6 - £76
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Scion Going Lohko Juniper and Liquorice
From : £75 - £95
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Scion Kukkia Multi
From : £75 - £95
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More On Scion Bedding

Having a good looking and restful bedroom is important. It encourages relaxation, and by having a room that looks appealing, it will mean that you are more inclined to want to spend time in there. Whether you prefer neutral colours, or you want something bright and bold to help encourage you to wake up in a morning, there are many duvet and bedding sets that meet your requirements.

Scion is a leading manufacturer of bedding, and they create striking and bold designs that are colourful and characterful. From Spike the Hedgehog to Mr Fox, and from geometric prints to floral designs, you can find any style of bedding to suit your decor and your tastes. Scion is a relatively new brand, but it has already become very popular because it combines great looking design with long lasting and hard wearing bedding sets.

At JustLinen, we love the striking designs of Scion bedding sets, as well as the additional accent items like luxury throws and cushion covers, that really help set this brand out as being one of the most appealing.

JustLinen is the official bedding and bed linen site of Dawson's Department Store and you can call us with any questions you have about the bedding we sell, or you can call in to Dawson's to see our full range. Alternatively, if you order today and spend more than £50 on the website, we will deliver your order completely free of charge to your UK address.

About Scion

The Scion brand only launched, as part of the Harlequin family, in 2012, but in this short time it has become an extremely popular brand, thanks to its bold and bright colours and its vibrant designs. The UK based designer is headquartered in Sheffield and although they partner with several other companies to help spread their designs even further, they only ever use British manufacturers and factories, and they ensure that these are environmentally conscious, in keeping with their strong trend towards the addition of natural items in their bedding and interior decor design.

The Mr Fox design brought Scion to the fore. One of the company's designers sketched an orange fox, and this was added to the company's designs. It became very popular and helped to launch the brand into homes across the country. Since then, other iconic designs including Spike the Hedgehog have been added to the company's roster and are now available to buy for your home.

When shopping for Scion products, expect to see bright and bold colours. Oranges, reds, and greens are seen in many of the products and designs, and you will also see striking character designs and other items incorporated into the design of Scion bedding and homeware too. If you are looking to make a really strong and positive impression with any bedroom, then this is the brand for you. Despite Scion's quality and great looking design, they offer products that are reasonably and competitively priced, too, so you don't need to break the bank to enjoy these great designs.

Duvet Covers

The duvet is an important element of bed comfort. Choose one that is too thick and you will get too hot, while a too-thin duvet will leave you freezing cold during winter months. It is important that you choose the right duvet, but you shouldn't overlook the importance of a good duvet cover, either. The duvet cover sits between the quilt and you, and because it will be coming into contact with your body all night long, it should be soft and delicate enough that it won't scratch or irritate your skin while still being practical and hardwearing.

If you are buying a duvet cover for a child's room, then this is especially important. Children naturally roll more during the night, and they use their bedrooms as playrooms too, which means that items like the duvet can become damaged if they are not a high quality.

Choose from designs like the now iconic Mr Fox or Spike the Hedgehog, or opt for natural floral or even geometric designs. Choose a character according to the colour of the design or according to the likes and preferences of those that will be living in the room. With so many options available to you, it is possible to choose Scion bedding that is ideal for any room and perfect to suit the taste of any individual.


Pillow cases are another important element of bedding. These need to be tough and durable because they will have to endure the weight of your head all night. The natural oil in hair can stain some poor quality pillow cases, which shows the importance of buying good quality material. Scion sells full bedding sets, which include duvet cover and matching pillow cases, ensuring that you can create a uniform look across the whole of your room design.


Duvet covers and pillow cases are important, but arguably the hardest working element in your bedding set is that of the sheet. You can choose either fitted or flat sheets, and you can buy them in sizes appropriate for any type of bed. Flat sheets are perfect if you have a bed with unusual dimensions, because a fitted sheet would pop off at the corners in these situations.

However, fitted sheets are generally considered to be the most convenient option when in use. The corners slide around the bed so there is no need to master hospital corners. However, they are challenging to iron and fold, which still puts a lot of people off. In contrast, flat sheets are easy to fold, easier to iron, and they can just be tucked under the mattress to create a clean and comfortably made bed.

A valance sheet sits between the mattress and the divan, and not all sets include these additional extras because they tend to be considered decorative rather than practical. If you need to cover storage drawers or other elements of the bed that you don't want people to see, however, then a valance sheet is vital. Either choose a set that does incorporate the valance sheet, or buy a valance separately.

Throws And Cushion Covers

Some of the Scion bedding sets that we offer at JustLinen include additional items, such as cushions covers and luxury throws. Cushions are a popular, decorative addition to a bedding set. They make the bed look even more comfortable and relaxing, add a splash of colour and design even to a plain bedding set, and are practical too. They can also be when sitting on the bed, or they can be added to chairs and other items around the bedroom to carry a uniform look around the room.

A throw not only looks great on the bed, but it can be used at night to provide an additional layer of warmth, like a blanket or top sheet. Not all sets include these items, and if you do opt for a Scion set you don't have to include them, but where they are included, they perfectly complement the bedding design, which is something that can be difficult to achieve if you buy a bedding set and cushion covers separately.

Scion is a relatively new brand, but they have already made their mark since their introduction in 2012. The Mr Fox and Spike the Hedgehog ranges are especially popular and are chief among the reasons that the brand took off. Scion also offers floral and geometric designs, and whatever set you opt for, you can be sure that it will be bright, colourful, vibrant, and that it will stand out as the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Buy Scion Bedding From JustLinen

At JustLinen, we love the striking and colourful designs of Scion bedding sets, coupled with the affordable price tag that they retain. There is no need to break the bank to benefit from good looking, high quality bedding. Buy directly through the JustLinen website, and enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £50, call us with any questions about the bedding we sell, or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you will be able to view our entire collection of bedding and homeware items.

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