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Kings And Queens Kings And Queens
Kingsley Bedlinen Kingsley Bedlinen
Lipsy Bedlinen Lipsy Bedding
Morris and Co Morris & Co Bedlinen
Margo Selby Bedding Margo Selby Bedlinen
Newport Creek Bedlinen Newport Creek Bedlinen
Orla Kiely Bedlinen Orla Kiely Bedlinen
Peacock Blue Bedlinen Peacock Blue Bedlinen
Sanderson Bedlinen Sanderson Bedlinen
Scion Bedlinen Scion Bedlinen
Sheridan Bedlinen Slumberland Bedding
Sophie Conran Bedlinen Sophie Conran Bedding
Sheridan Bedlinen Sheridan Bedlinen
Sheridan Bedlinen TLC Bedding
Linen House Bedlinen Linen House Bedlinen
V And A V&A Bedlinen
Vantona Bedding Vantona Bedlinen
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Sheridan Plain Dyes Cotton Sheridan Plain Dye
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Dorma Plain Dyes Dorma Plain Dyes
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Whatever you musical tastes - 2/10/15

Whatever your musical tastes, and where ever you listen to them, it has been impossible to avoid...

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 Whatever you musical tastes

Date Created: 2/10/15
"Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake" - Whatever your musical tastes, and where ever you listen to them, it has been impossible to avoid Taylor Swift recently telling us “Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake ” over the past few months

Whatever you musical tastes

Now we know what she is trying to “shake shake shake”, at least we think we do, however it is the perfect instruction to follow to get the best out of any down and feather and down duvets and pillows.

All down and feather and down duvets keep us warm by trapping air within the down or feathers they contain which the body heats up to provide the warmth. The more air that can be trapped within the down or feathers within the duvet the warmer it will be, however any action that will reduce the amount of air held within the insulation, basically squashing the air, out of it will impact on the performance.

The natural springiness of the down and feathers means that it will expand to fill the space available to it trapping air between it's fibres as it does so. This is know as the “loft” of the down or feathers and is one of the reasons why there can be such a price range in the costs of duvets and pillows as the best quality downs and feathers will have a higher loft meaning that more air can be trapped in a smaller space giving more warmth for lesser weight and bulk.

Just sleeping in the bed will squash air out of the down and feathers plus re-arrange the location of the down in the duvet having an impact on the warmth so to get the best out of the duvet all you have to do is what Taylor wants to do and shake shake shake the duvet on a daily basis.

A good daily shake, from both end and side, will loft up the down and feathers to maximise the quantity of air trapped within and evenly re-distribute the down and feathers within the channels within the duvet. When the duvet has had it's daily shake try not to put any weight on the duvet, for example by sitting on it, as this will squash out the air which the shaking has made the duvet trap.

Down and feather filled pillows also benefit from a good daily shaking as it is the air trapped within them which gives them their comfort so the shake will plump them up nicely which is something better hotels pay a lot of attention to.

So if you are taking your duvet and pillows out of it's summer storage, unboxing new ones to use for the first time, or just wanting to get the best of it's insulative properties, and comfort, on a daily basis all you have to do is “shake shake shake” so thank you Taylor for that timely reminder.